Ready for Battle – Complete Weapons Training
- Completed weapons training in prologue

In Your Face
– First Brutal Melee

No Witnesses – Destroy All Dropships on the Highway
-Destroyed all dropships on the highway

Mopping Up
-Kill 40 or more Helghast foot soldiers on the Beach.

Sawn Off – Destroy All Chasing APCs
-Destroyed all chasing SawBlade APCs in Senlin Beach section

Smoking Wrecks Destroy all Tanks on Senlin
-Destroyed all the Helghast Tanks in the Senlin Beach Section

Turn the Tables – Melee Kill a Capture Trooper
-Killed a Capture Trooper using Melee

Spiky Personality – Kill a Helghast using a Burster
-Killed a Helghast by shooting a Burster plant

Minigunned Destroy All Targets
-Destory everything while using a minigun on the Intruder.

Quick Exit – Escape the oil rig quickly
-Got off the 2nd rig within 2 minutes.

Shattered – Destroy all the glass in the Labs
-Destroyed all the glass panels in the Stahl Arms South labortories.

Pinpoint – Kill the Heavy with an StA-14
-Killed the Heavy using the StA-14 rifle

Evening the Odds
-Kill 500 Helghast

-Kill 10 Helghast with Brutal Melee

Frag Out
-Kill 3 Helghast with 1 fragmentation grenade

One Each
-Shot and killed 3 Helghast using the shotgun pistol without reloading or switching weapons

Eagle Eye
-Shot and killed 6 Helghast using the Sniper Rifle without reloading or switching weapons

Power Spike
-Used the Boltgunn to nail and Helghast to an exploding object

Up Close and Personal
-Use Brutal Melee move against another player

Team Player
-Joined and completed a match as a part of a squad

-Revived a friendly player for the first time

Handy Man
-Repaired an object for the first time

Now You See Me
-Killed another player while cloaked

Spy Game
-Killed another player while disguised

Turf War
-Capture a Tactical Spawn Point for the first time

Now it’s Personal
-Kill 1,000 Helghast

Fight to the Last
-Kill 1,500 Helghast

Closed Quarters Killer
-Kill 25 Helghast with Brutal Melee

Hand to Hand Master
-Kill 50 Helghast with Brutal Melee

-Completed the Campaign on Elite Difficulty

Grand Slam
-Won a match in Operation, Warzone & Guerilla Warfare modes

-Twenty Hidden Trophies

- Collect All Killzone 3 Trophies