The 1st Production Department conference is already in the books, but Square Enix has registered for two new trademarks that seem to have gone under the radar during the press event. Duodecim Prologus was there, Final Fantasy XIII-2 was there, and so was Type-0. These two were not.

In Europe and in the US, Square Enix Japan filed for Imaginary Range, which sounds like a new title. The publisher also registered the corresponding domain name, so it does appear they have a new, unannounced game in the works. As of now, however, that particular URL is not yet in use.

The trademark is meant for computer and game software, and also mentions audio-visual records, animated fictional stories, mobile phones, and even mobile phone wallpapers. It's a pretty standard description of their goods and services filings, so it could be anything at this point.

In Japan, they filed another.

The other trademark is called Story of the Fairy's Journey. Like Imaginary Range, it's vague and it could be used for anything. Sounds like it could be a title, but it could also be more of a subtitle, like something would be called the story of whatever that fairy does. That, or it may not be a video game at all.

No domain was registered for this one, and considering the size and scope of Square Enix's empire, it's tough to guess at this point.