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[Release] [Final] Dark Souls - Save editor V
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    [Final] Dark Souls - Save editor V

    Hi guys :)

    its a whole different editor then the previous releases.
    this version is made By me (jappi88) and feudalnate.

    basicly this editor lets you edit your static and your inventory.
    you can scan your items and it will list every item you have includes the empty slots.

    by clicking the item , or empty slot , you'l be able to set it to anny desired item and ammount (max 999)

    its all self-explanatory.

    this editor uses a text file witch includes the items / ID's to search your save.
    if you have a item that is not found by the editor , means its not listen in the item.txt file.

    you can add every desired item into the textfile , and the tool will list it for u.
    the item.txt is updateable to everyone who knows the item ID.

    you can add a item to the textfile like this :

    ItemID(8 bytes)>40000000000000065:Itemname <(the name for the item)

    dont forget to add the ":" between the ItemID and Name.

    Note : that the it may take 10 second to 3 minutes to save the file, so be patient.

    there should be no corruption whatso ever , but the editor creates automaticly a backup into the application folder.

    Note : to report the bugs when you find them.
    when you get your save corrupted , upload the save, so i may be able to fix it.

    Features :

    * Static editing.
    * Full inventory handeling
    * auto backup function
    * seperate Item.txt for user to update whenever thei like.
    * Load Save from Fatx Device (Usb/Hdd)
    * Load Save from FTP
    * Dag and drop

    How to :

    1. Open your save from Usb/FTP or local
    2. Choose your settings for scanning
    3. Hit scan..
    4. edit the found items, or add items
    5. Hit save changes.

    for editing your statics , Hit "Edit Statics" and change to whatever you like , then press "save changes".

    After Done editing Always Press "Save + Fix STFS" (in File tab)

    Enjoy :)

    Special thanks to :

    feudalnate for packgeIO and obv helping me with this tool.
    Magnus Hydra & Turk645 for the research.
    PureIso for his IsoLib
    ================================================== ===

    Changelog V [2-12-2011]

    a lot has changed this version.

    Fixed :

    * Item editing ("Ghost")
    * ItemList Count.
    * a lot of bugs.

    Added :

    * seperate item count.
    * start / stop scan.
    * item list scanning ( all the created Item*.txt files goto "Item" Directory.
    * scan only items/ or scan only empty slot... or both.
    * ability to choose the desired item.txt file to scan.
    * Choose Item Type. ( this is for scanning area where the items are stored )
    * Added Save changes ( only for items , you still need to hit save in "File tab" after you done.

    Changelog V [3-12-2011]

    * PackageIO updated to
    * Added current/max durability
    * Added unlock/lock item
    * Fixed some bugs.

    Changelog V [11-12-2011]

    * Removed unlock item ; item will be unlocked automaticely.
    * Improved item editing
    * Added realtime count.
    * Added Current Loaded slot.
    * Changed the Gui a bit
    * Improved speed.
    * Fixed a few bugs.
    * more user friendly.
    * Cleaned Code, improved stability.

    Changelog V [10-01-2012]

    * Fixed Armor/Arrows ...Wrong Id's :\ . Thanks to BigBoots.
    * Added Drag and Drop
    * Added Load Save from FTP
    * Added Load Save From Usb (Usb/Hdd)
    * Divided the "Items, weapons, shield, armors, spell" in 3 parts , witch should speed up the process while scanning.
    * Optimized some stuff for flexibility.
    * Probebly more stuff ... :P

    Changelog V [17-01-2012]

    * Recoded few stuff , and saving speed has been optimized by 98% :P
    * Fixed some enoying Bugs
    * Added Autoset Durability... recomanded durability will be shown in the textbox. (if durability is set into the textfile)
    * probebly more stuff...too tired to think -.-

    Changelog V [21-01-2012]

    Changes for Attributes editor :

    * Added ability to change player name.
    * Added Gender
    * Added Class
    * Added Gift
    * Added Physique

    Changes for Inventory editor :

    * Added Set All Values ( will set all values of the founded items to your desired value)
    * Added Set All durability
    * Fixed few bugs with writing items (all items should work now)
    * Removed max durability...(not used)

    Changelog V [22-01-2012]

    * Prevent Users from adding items in wrong section... it cant go wrong now.
    additional security fix.

    Changelog V [27-01-2012]

    * Added Enable all bonfirest
    * Added Convenant
    * Added feuture to add all loaded items.
    * Added empty slots & and empty all slots... may be usefull
    * Added Save id's handler.. You can change the save id's and rehash/resign.
    * Fixed some bugs with writing the changed values to array
    * Cleaned the Gui and code.
    * Reached Final Build !

    Changelog V [29-01-2012]

    * Fixed durability auto add.

    this editor is optimized as much as possible , but may still be some bugs.. so please report them.

    Enjoy !

    Screens :

    Tool Requires Net Framework 3.5 (or Higher)

    Dark Souls Save editor V2.5

    New Version [}
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    Re: [NEW] Dark Souls - Save editor

    this editor looks pretty awesome, great job jappi and feudalnate, going to get the game this weekend hopefully so this will come in handy :)
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    Re: [NEW] Dark Souls - Save editor

    Looks really awesome this new editor nice job jappi and feuldalnate
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    Re: [NEW] Dark Souls - Save editor

    I jizzed. Enuff' said.

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    Re: [NEW] Dark Souls - Save editor

    FINALLY!!!! the "JAP" has come BACK!!!!!with the new editor....hehehehehe thx man

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    Re: [NEW] Dark Souls - Save editor

    Excellent work guys!

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    Re: [NEW] Dark Souls - Save editor

    AWESOME!!!! thank you Japp you've done it again.

    BTW for regular items say healing items you can't go beyond 99 right cause as soon as you use one it disappear.
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    Re: [NEW] Dark Souls - Save editor

    Nice man...I can finally stop grinding T.T



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