Continental puts forward tired theory.
People who spend their spare time playing driving games prove to be more dangerous when put behind the wheel of a real car a report by Continental Tyres claims.

The report – picked up by this morning's edition of London's free tabloid Metro – claims that players of games such as Gran Turismo are liable take their on-screen tactics with them into the real world, suffering from a higher tendency to run red lights, attempt risky overtaking moves and ultimately are more likely to crash.

It was also noted in the report that players of driving games would rate their skills higher but would still make more insurance claims than others.

"Gamers take more risks than non-gamers, possibly due to the lack of real consequences in the game," commented Tim Bailey, safety expert at Continental Tyres.

Conversely, it's been noted that pounding the virtual tarmac can help with real-life driving skills. iRacing champion Greger Huttu was given the opportunity by Top Gear magazine to take a single seater around Road Atlanta and the results were impressive, although he was sick in his helmet as he struggled with the physical strain.

Ever been buoyed by an extended session of Gran Turismo 5 or Forza 3 only to end up binning the family saloon soon after? Let us know your tales of motoring woe below.