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[Tutorial Video/Save] - Dead Space 2 (Zealot) Final Chapter (Spoiler)
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    yush [Tutorial Video/Save] - Dead Space 2 (Zealot) Final Chapter (Spoiler)

    DLC (Downloadable Content) Needed:
    Dead Space 2 Hazard Pack
    Dead Space 2 Supernova Pack
    Dead Space 2 Martial Law Pack

    Guns Used:
    Forged Plasma Cutter
    Bloody Javelin Gun

    Gun Strategy:

    Bloody Javelin Gun - Shoot 1 Javelin into her, press the "Alt Fire" button, then let go of the "Aim" button to explode the Javelin right away.
    Node Setup: Make sure you get all of "Alt Fire" upgrades, the rest will depend on how many nodes you have to spare. But I suggest going max "Cap" as well so you don't have to reload as much as I did

    Forged Plasma Cutter - Just get trigger happy when you are able to shoot the Marker
    Node Setup: I've capped all the upgrades. (Hint: there is a path to cap to save you 1 node)

    The Fight Strategy:

    This fight can be a bit difficult and piss you off to no other... But here is how I completed it in under 50 seconds. When you first go into the battle, hit her with a Javelin, and explode it. Then unload on the Marker as much as possible with the Plasma Cutter.

    Now when she spawns in front of you again, make sure you hit her with another Javelin and explode it right away, because when the Marker Busts open after she explodes, the Marker kills most the little Nercomorphs chasing you, continue to unload on the Marker with the Plasma Cutter, (Don't forget to reload your guns and watch your health!).

    -Rinse and Repeat!

    If the Necromorphs start becoming a pain, just shoot a Javelin on the ground near a bunch of them and explode it with Alt Fire and releasing the Aim button.

    Video Tutorial:

    This is the Last Save Point before the boss, you can run back to the Store Room if you want to switch things out.
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    It's a pity you need all the DLC for this save.
    Otherwise, nice.

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    I do have a save at this point without the DLC, but I ended up having to get the DLC in order to beat the boss because I didn't have enough ammo or credits to buy any. So I ended up just getting the DLC and selling one of my guns that had fully upgrades to it for over 100k at the store.

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    hell yah thx alot saved me time!

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    Now you should try hardcore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insane JIC View Post
    Now you should try hardcore.
    I beat it on Hardcore the other day, it's bullshit took me like 5 days worth of restarts from my last save at chapter 13, I was about to give up.



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