The developers at People Can Fly, the Polish studio behind Bulletstorm, are not shy with their sense of humor. The game is a slapstick tour de viscera, frosted on top with "Skill Shot" point multipliers that often dip into lowbrow sex pun territory. Gag Reflex, Gang Bang, Stroke, Facial, Shocker, Deep Penetration, Rear Entry, and Boned are just a small sample of this boyish sensibility.

In the promotional campaign for the game EA and Epic have worked together on a spoof trailers like this one poking fun at Halo 3's toy soldiers commercial. Today they continued the streak by teasing Call of Duty fans with the short video "Duty Calls." The trailer accompanies the release of a free downloadable game of the same title to get fans excited for Bulletstorm.

Duty Calls is a simple shooter with 'Duty Vision' that slows down time, a reloading system that allows for mistakes, "significant and historically accurate props," and "cold, calculated realism."

You can see the trailer and download the game here.