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XBOX Live Arcade - 200 GS Game Save Sets
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    Added Coffeetime Crosswords, Sonic The Hedgehog 3, Rez HD and Braid Save Sets
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    thanks for the awesome saves man, its hard to find good saves for arcade games that work.

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    nice collection savesets

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    i believe duke nukem has online achievements 500 kills ranked etc..

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    And Sonic 2 can be 200 Set because 1 Cheevo has to be made online if i remember right.So it will be necessary to have someone who have the Game too.

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    I think I got a couple for you that you don't have up already. One min.


    Yep got 3. I'll up em for you here, and put the links here as well for you and everyone else XD


    Here is the first of them:

    Penny Arcade Episode 1 (Unlocks 200gs/200gs)

    Unlock Method: Save Set

    Original Creator: ltcree

    Link: http://www.360haven.com/forums/downl...do=file&id=607


    Here's the second of them:

    Penny Arcade Episode 1 (Unlocks 200gs/200gs)

    Unlock Method: Save Set

    Original Creator: ltcree

    Link: http://www.360haven.com/forums/downl...do=file&id=608


    Here is the third and final one:

    Boom Boom Rocket (Unlocks 200gs/200gs)**

    Unlock Method: ?(Don't have the game anymore to tell you, and don't have the space on my hdd to download it legally or not) So please post how you unlocked it here. Its only 1 save in the archive so I'm doubting the achieves are unlocked via the save-set method. Might be load and pop, or it might be SPG(never done the SPG b4 so I can't tell you if it is or isn't)

    Original Creator: ? No idea. There wasn't a text file(I alway make them and put them in the folder so either I forgot to make one that time, or I accidently deleted it) So if you know who he/she/they are then please tell me so I can give them credit for it.

    Link: http://www.360haven.com/forums/downl...do=file&id=609
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    thanks for the saves casinoguy and McWxXx
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