the characters are saved to the blizzard servers
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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Maxed Modded Starter Saves
All Characters
999,999,999 Gold
Max Paragon Points 100, 25 to spend on each sectionx4
All the Best Legendary Gear
Loads more legendary gear in the Stash Crate
Tons of Materials, Dye's, Keys Basically everything you could want of need

These now kick ass out of all enemies

(A couple people said they where dying easy "Really with millions of health potions" lol)

A Couple days ago now I released The first modded Diablo 3 Reaper of souls save on XPG now I have updated it and created an amzing save I thought I'd share the love here also

Check Out Pictures Below
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Attachment 15485
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Max Paragon is on All Characters
Attachment 15488

Stash Chest Tons Of Stuff
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Attachment 15491

Hopefully You'll Like this Even more than the last one
Here you have all the Characters and Much Much more

This has taken me all day today to do this 90% Manually (Pain in the ass)
But I've been playing around with it all day and its so much better

So Enjoy

Download All Characters Maxed Out Lv70 Etc>

Just To keep the few that asked happy I also have the same save as above but all Characters are Level 1 I have not tested this and I doubt any Legendary Gear will work on Level 1 Characters But they have Max Gold and Paragon Points and that's all The people wanted who asked for this
All Characters Level 1 Version (untested)>

Please Don't Forget To Drop Me A Like To Sat Thank You

I have a couple different Version of the main save "All Characters Maxed Out Lv70" as I've found out a few cool things today while messing around manually modding these where I have taken settings/accounts and more from Diablo 3 version after changing a few clever things have managed to get basically everything you can do to Diablo 3 mods but to work on Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

I've Simple Copied My Thread From XPG to here I do love it here although I'm not very active here but I wanted to share my hard work here for you guys too, Hope you enjoy[/QUOTE]