Okay so we all know DLC is linked to not only one's gamertag, but also to one's console. Okay so my situation is as follows: I got my 360 from a former buddy ins 2011. At the time it was originally his and he had dlc for Black Ops 1 on it. Over time I have gotten a new 360 console and love playing on it, but because I would have to do a license transfer from one console to the other, I haven't tried making the new one my "set" console. Now since i have gotten it, his GT has been removed and all of his that remains is, as i stated, DLC for BO1. I can still play it, i have my own copy, both on disk and digital, of the game, and can easily access it when I play, but when I transferred it to my new console, I couldnt' play it. My question is this: is there a way to make HIS DLC MINE without risk of getting banned in any fashion? If there is, is there also a way to somehow make the DLC "travel-able" so I can play on my other console? Any and all answers are appreciated. I haven't tried anything for fear of losing my xbox live, both account and console access.