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    Re: Resident Evil 4 Resigner

    i just cant this one to work, if i extract savedata.bin, i cannot find values from that file. and game00_eu file modding just make file corrupted. Maybe a little guide would be nice, or i just make some mistake. this isnt my first time to mod, so i know something about it. alan wake etc games where pretty easy to mod

    EDIT This shit doesnt even resign anything
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    I'm working on My save I was able to find My save using the # of save converted to hex and the played time. HH * 60 * 60 + MM * 60 + SS convert to hex right after that you have the PTas. But I have hard time finding the Weapon I have the strikers with 69 Ammo in it. I'm Looking for 2D 00 XX XX 00 45. Am I missing something. I think I'm on a good path to Map this But. It' s a bit harder than modding Fallout 1 and 2 :P. But I'm not on my first class with HEX tools But Its my first mod on Xbox.


    I've continue my data crunshing geez I'm eating a lot...
    Basicly the lenght of a Save Slot seems to be : HEX : CAFC
    The Begining of a Save slot will always contain this string : 0F A0 0F A0 0F A0 0F A0
    To find the real Begining you need to go 44 Bytes left of this String.
    So The header is 70 Bytes
    A buffer of 205 Bytes
    Then an other 10 bytes (need to confirm but seems to contain the Attache Case Info)
    Then Your inventory eatch item have a lenght of 12 bytes.

    From what I See Might be repeating what is on
    WW WW UU UU AA AA ?? ?? LL LL !! !!

    W = weapon
    U = Upgrade
    A = Ammo
    ? = still un know (if you figure it out it would be fun)
    L = Location in the Case (Still trying to figure it out)
    ! = is often 00 01 but seems it can also be 00 00 ( my guess is the presence in the Attache Case)

    I'm Still Crunching the numbers but it seems the inventory section is quite huge. There some item starting with FF FF. I will check if those could be item not yet enabled. From a brand new save.

    I'm not a good programmer but I'll try to do a gui pls dont ask I'm not yet at that point.

    I'm on the right path... But i've been missing the most important part the money ... I'll try to add more info on my next data crunching session. If anyone know where the hand cannon can be enabled it would be great.


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    Re: Resident Evil 4 Resigner

    Quote Originally Posted by Supremesis View Post
    Erm i dno how to do hexxing bud you did it for the save in second slot yeah? and the case 0x 5611? jesus would love that thanks for doing it buddy.
    To find the next save add CAFC to that values and you should find the same spot in the second Saveslot.

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    Re: Resident Evil 4 Resigner

    What is this and did he release his editor?

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    Re: Resident Evil 4 Resigner

    I wanted to know how to modify the save items for the game 00_ I saw here that you have to extract savedata.bin from game00_ and how to do it


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